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Together with our team, we have provided therapy services in our modern practice in Tenerife since 1998. We are pleased to provide you with the following information concerning our offer:


Osteopathy – Physiotherapy – Fasciatherapy – Active Groups

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As we’ve been suffering from spinal column problems, we’ve been coming to you for years.

You provide comprehensive treatment on the basis of your extensive professional knowledge, including with respect to osteopathy. You understand the circumstances and the best remedial grips. We benefit from all of the treatments you provide. Thank you !

My back pains, which are accompanied by symptoms of paralysis and which have been causing me discomfort for 1.5 years, have improved over the last while. I find Susanne to be very insightful in her work; she is always able to apply the correct approach on all levels. Profound, with a particularly transformational influence on the body, spirit and soul.

I am grateful for your efforts.

Although the appointment calendar was all booked, Frau Erler was nevertheless able to treat me at the trigger points in my back and leg regions. It soon became clear that she possesses excellent knowledge and capability in both theory as well as practice. She explained her diagnosis clearly and provided a number of self-help recommendations. Our practice is located in an attractive location, and is beautifully furnished.

Mathias attends regularly to be treated by Abel and… what can I say? Bravo and thank you for your expertise, and for your empathy. Thanks to his healing hands, healing words and his overall high-calibre, he has become a member of our close-knit group of friends, an inseparable part of our life.

Thank you once again, just for being you!

Dr. med Ilona Mudra & Armin VölknerPhysiotherapy & Osteopathy
Yasmin AuroraOsteopathy
Bernd GelhausPhysiotherapy
Angelika & MathiasPhysiotherapy, Group therapy / Active groups, Fasciatherapy

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