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The holistic medicine

The complex science of osteopathy seeks to heal the patient by emphasizing the cause of the pain on the basis of a productive and fruitful discovery.

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Physical therapy and physiotherapy

The functional impairment of the patient, established on the basis of the findings, forms the central focus of the treatment. Physiotherapy makes use of manual techniques that can be supplemented by physical applications (e.g. electrotherapy, cold treatment as well as heat treatment), if required.

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Relief of pain and tension

FDM is a new and effective method for treating pain using a locomotor apparatus. Developed by the American emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Steven Typaldos D.O., this method has generated some very considerable excitement.

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Active Groups

Become an active participant in your own healing!

We offer a variety of active groups led by experienced trainers. From back-strengthening techniques and Kegel exercises to yoga and Pilates, we have something for everyone!

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